Filipino TV Personalities On Mental Health: Opposing Views Clash Online

Recently, TV personalities and artists started posting on the importance of mental health specifically on depression and bi-polar disorders.

Joey de Leon from the noon-time variety show Eat Bulaga, recently commented a distorted view of depression, that those with this illness are merely “pretending” to be sad and to be truly affected by various matters.

His comment had a huge impact to the Eat Bulaga audience as well as other co-hosts and actors. Maine Mendoza, Ryan Agoncillio and Alden Richards expressed their sentiments and stands online to the public. They expressed the importance of these illnesses, emphasizing that it is “no joke” to have them. In addition, they even added the importance of moral support that people need who are experiencing this issue and that mental illnesses are experienced by all people regardless of age, gender and nationality.

Joey De Leon then broke his silence and apologized to the public after his past comments on depression and mental illnesses.

It’s clearly seen that there is so much need for more education on mental health here in the Philippines. So much people need to understand that mental illnesses, no matter what they be, are serious and that people are experiencing them.

At the same time, it is comforting to know that there are some personalities who know what mental illnesses truly are.

However, it’s unnecessary to have online feuds about this matter. The clash between the different parties caused so much friction on social media and caused an online frenzy, resulting to more hate in social platforms especially for those who had opposing thoughts to mental health.

We should always keep in mind that as netizens, we should promote an environment of respect and provide constructive criticism to those who need it instead of other mean comments that can be spared.

It’s important to always keep personal opinions to yourself before sharing it to media. Always keep in mind that nothing is unimportant and meaningless, since many people first handedly experience things each day.

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