“Do It For the Enigmatic, Inimitable Fat Lady” – Purpose is Why You Should Keep Going | By Margaret Lee

I believe that words of wisdom or inspiration should not only come from people who are awfully well known, but from everyday individuals as well who have made their own mark in the world. I believe in the powerful words of advice that people craft due to their own personal set of experiences and apprehensions. The power to enlighten is in all of our hands, and it is truly up to us to share it with the rest of society.


Walk by Keith Doles

I am so lucky to have encountered people in my life who gave me this sense of enlightenment. Being able to witness people create works of art both in its tangible and intangible sense, is a true blessing.

A few years ago, I came across a Facebook post about a late Liam Madamba who committed suicide because of a teacher who bullied and humiliated him. What really struck me was this work of his. It inspired me so much that I screenshotted it, and upon cleaning out my computer, I encountered it again today after many years. His words still hit me hard just like the day I first read them. I strongly believe that what Liam wrote truly embodies the meaning of perseverance and true dedication to one’s purpose.

Here it is:

Do it for the enigmatic, inimitable Fat Lady. I do not know who the Fat Lady is but in my mind’s eye, a clear picture has formed. An obese, aging woman sitting out on the porch, loud poppy music cutting across the silence, an electric fan straining against the heat, her bulbous, calloused feet up, time passing around her like an afterthought. What, who, how, where, when does not matter as much as the why we do. The Fat Lady represents your hopes and your dreams, your inspirations and your loved ones to the intangible conglomeration of purposes. Belief and purpose, no matter how undefined, shapes our lives. My goals are not clear or precise, but my motivation stems from this mystical woman of old. Everyone, I believe, has her in some form or shape, leading to a more carefully constructed way of viewing people. The person and their reasons to be are an inseparable opacity and must be treated so. As purpose varies from one person to the next, so does everything about them.” – Liam Madamba

 Sitting Nude by Mieke Teirlinck

In turbulent moments of mere frustration and confusion, it is so important to take time to sooth and remind yourself that purpose is the primary reason why you should keep going. Purpose, no matter how big or how small, is in everyone. And everyone must live out the purpose that have been embedded in them beginning from the day they were born.

The idea of being idle or aggressively mediocre can scare anyone, but what should truly frighten us all is the painful feeling of regret. So, I implore you to use this as a tool to keep on moving forward. Pursue your dreams and continue to do your best in the field of your preference. Soar high and don’t settle for the bare minimum; go for whatever exceeds expectations.

And always remember: keep on going not only because you are obliged to, but because you want to. Keep going because there are better days to come, and that the bad ones will eventually perish, which will disappear into crisp, thin air out in the darkness.


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