#StayAwarePH: Youtubers’ in the Realm of the Mental Illness Stigma | By Jochelle Campo

The notion with Mental Health being an alarming issue is that people are still in denial that a problem like this exists, as well as some people do not take it seriously as they are still unaware with it. It is a common knowledge that human beings will always have problems, they will always have things to worry about and be sad about yet they complain how life is being unfair to them as they do not realize that life is unfair with everyone and that is what makes it fair. In short, even the luckiest person you know or the most famous person you admire and even the wealthiest person you thought will never have any problem at all will still have those dark shadows and negative voices that are inducing them to become sad, depressed and even worse become suicidal.

When we talk about suicide, people would start to say that the person who committed was not that strong or maybe psychotic, impulsive, they made a mistake that is considered undoable to solve or change, a failure on something, as they feel depressed thinking that the world will be better off without them. But even if a person died because of committing suicide, it does not mean that those things mentioned are right, just like how  Japan’s cultural explanation of suicide some people are not sensitive about. The issue about Logan Paul who is a famous YouTube being insensitive with Japan’s Suicide Forest. Suicide and mental illness is not some kind of ordinary joke where people can use as entertainment but what happened is that when Logan Paul came across a body of a man who committed suicide, he and his friends were making fun of the victim’s body which is considered unethical at all since Japan is trying to put an end to the deaths in the so – called “Suicide Forest”. The video was very disrespectful as some people are considered unaware of the essence of the Mental Illness Stigma.

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People should be sensitive to people they face each and every day since people are different from the experiences of another for some depression that will trigger an individual will be different from another. It is important that we inform people we know when they are making bad jokes about depression and suicide, it should start with us immediately that we tell a person when he is doing something wrong. Sometimes, the heartbreaking thing about pointing out something wrong sometimes is that people would not listen and sometimes they will still mock you even more. I think the best way to deal with people making fun of the Mental Illness Stigma is to become optimistic and help a person become more positive.

Nowadays, suicide cases are prevalent to the youth and it has already been a worldwide problem as no matter how rusty the quote saying that “the youth is the future”, it is still considered factual and true. The idea of burnout that escalates to stress, depression and suicide mechanism can be seen in the youths nowadays. I think parents should be very well aware of the idea of “burnout”. Young as we are, we are told to study and be the best in everything but just like any machine that loses its power or battery, humans get tired too. The concept of being burnout as explained by another Youtuber Elle Mills as she also experienced is just like any other person. Sometimes, we work very hard to a point where it makes our life toxic that we are tired and unhappy anymore. As Elle Mills told her story that being a Youtuber was a passion for her as it was like a “vocation” for her or a calling from God. She still got tired of it and was burnout even if she was so successful about it. When we succeed in something, we become very much pressured to become better and try to level up in a fast phase that we forget that we are still humans who also need to take a break and have fun. It is important that we relax for awhile and allow ourselves to become stress – free.

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In the Philippine setting, when we have different views from a person that will create a heated argument or when you have an enemy, online bullying happens a lot. Many young people already committed suicide from Cyberbullying. But at the end of the day, it is ourselves who will help us. We are the ones who dictate what we will be thinking and be deciding how we are going to be able to cope life and stay positive. We should all be able to stress out that no matter what obstacle, there will always be people who will be there for us and will love us. Looking at the bright side will always be helpful; we should see the positive things aside from dwelling in the pessimistic ones. We are all fighters fighting for us to get the best life us much as possible but I believe that contentment and knowing yourself better than anyone else helps as you will not let anyone bring you down with the words they say as you know yourself better. I think the best way to cope up with anything it to put God as the center of everything.

About the Author

Jochelle is a college student at the University of Santo Thomas with a strong advocacy for mental health. As one of Talang Dalisay’s correspondents, she aims to spread the word on pressing matters revolving the subject matter and hopes to create an impactful change through her words and people’s insightful stories. 

One thought on “#StayAwarePH: Youtubers’ in the Realm of the Mental Illness Stigma | By Jochelle Campo

  1. What you have learned and realized are at stake in today’s generation. The left and the right sides principles having battled in order to survive. What i am trying to bear in every one’s mind and heart must be connected to God’s wisdom. it is one of the factors to create proper mind setting to avoid the kind of feelings. It is one way to solve that illness that you are referring to. Lets learn to train the scenario of improving a close family ties, maintaining the values of Filipino values positively and having time to cope up the time to spend for family gatherings. It is very crucial to listen the other side of ones family problems. It is an healing moments to release to that tension. Therefore, Family that prays together and have funs together is the most desirable concept to avoid mental disorders or what so ever. Let us every one be grown up to that manner for that intention.

    You such a brilliant young ones to observe that ,


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