#StayAwarePH Project Highlights

The #StayAwarePH Campaign was a complete success! Before anything else, thank you to everyone that took part in this online campaign.


The Stay Aware Philippines Online Campaign by Talang Dalisay was from May 20-27 which aims to educate people all over the Philippines on mental health topics such as depression, self worth, confidence, anxiety, and many more. The goal of this project was to make people more aware of how they feel and what they think. Sometimes we humans don’t really understand why we think or feel things, and just set it aside.

It’s important to always open up to people you trust about your mental health and other personal issues. You are not alone in the world! You have many people who care about you that can help you became more joyful and live life to the fullest. This is what this campaign aimed to do.

And what an overwhelming positive response we received! Thank you to everyone who shared, liked, commented, and even messaged and emailed us on the aftermath of this campaign.

Thank you to our amazing guest speakers Luis Xavier Del Rosario, Rocio Tambunting, Ms. Niña Reyes, Ms. Yumi Wada, and Sir Francoise Amaya for making the time out of their busy schedule to make an online talk and advice video on my mental health and self love matters to them. You definitely inspired the viewers!

Special thanks to our wonderful correspondents Kirsten Tinoco and Jochelle Campo for writing two awesome articles on the social media scene on mental health and awareness for autism.

What’s even more exciting news is that we have our first scholar! Jochelle Dacanay, an awesome young lady, will be attending our partner school for special needs the Saints and Angels Lifeskills Training Center (SALT-C) this June. Amazing! We are so happy to have her experience the education she will soon experience and most definitely will enjoy. Continue to buy T-Shirts to help her education! You can still purchase a shirt here.


Thank you again, everyone! God bless. Watch out for more projects in the near future.

For more inquiries about our scholarship program/opportunities please email us at talangdalisay@gmail.com and we will happily assist you on your concerns.

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