The Mental Battlefield in the Music-field: Before XXXTentacion’s Death | By Jochelle Campo

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People are still shocked by XXXTentacion’s death as it is still an issue widespread as
people are still talking about his untimely death that happened this month. The famous rapper who is named in real life Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy was shot to death as his fans are still mourning, before his death he was planning his Suicide Prevention Charity hours ago before the unfortunate murder. The young rapper sadly never completed what he was passionate about which was to help others in the realm of mental health.

He avidly believes that several charity events will try to have an immediate impact to aid these people in need as he was aspiring to raise awareness about suicide prevention too and influencing his young fans to become sensitive and aware about
this unfathomable menace that other people find hard to fight.

As Suicide Prevention is genuinely important for XXXTentacion to resolve, mental health should be treated like a precious diamond that needs to undergo friction for it to be strong as it also possesses phase transformations just like how mental health should be addressed and just like how diamonds undergo pressure, it does not happen overnight. Mental illness cannot be cured simply just in a day, a week or even a year as it is not simply just an illness that can be cured by medicine. The mind is an amazing thing wherein a person having problems is not the only one who should face
the problem but it would be more helpful once people around would help and understand them.

It is vital that mental health awareness is spread to everyone, not just in their minds but as well as to be genuinely tattooed in their hearts so that they would be able to understand and be helpful as well to others who will need aid. Suicide prevention is a precious gem for XXXTentaction since he lost one friend who took her life. His friend was Jocelyn Flores as XXXTentacion made a song in her memory. Starting with the intro of the song to the bridge, the song speaks about XXXTentacion’s regrets that he was not been able to help his friend in her struggle in the battlefield of mental illness.

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Source – Genius.Com

According to XXXTentacion’s interview, he told the media that Jocelyn Flores visited him a few days ago before the suicide took place and he described how wonderful of a person her friend Jocelyn was and that she did not even show any signs of depression or whatsoever but she suddenly killed herself. It was devastating for XXXTentacion, his friend was in a silent depression that she committed suicide. Depression is not that showy sometimes, there are people around us that we are not aware of that are already under depression. These people sometimes just stay quiet, laugh too much and pretend to be perfectly okay but deep inside they are bleeding.

XXXTentacion’s regrets can be avoided if people would just care and genuinely give a
hand to people around them who are under berserk in this battleground of mental health. It is vital that people should show the people facing this problem that they are still there for them and that a simple conversation asking a person how he or she is would not hurt to show them that you care for them. Are you going to wait for a loved one or a person who is close to you to suffer from this mental destruction? In XXXTentacion’s song, he mentioned in his song’s SoundCloud description: “Rest in peace, Jocelyn”, as he also added the line: “I will have revenge upon the world.” It may be true that the problematic world may have a contribution with one’s mental problems but at the end of the day, we should all realize that we are the ones who can also help
ourselves to survive it and it would be better if we help one another immediately as soon as possible.

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It is true how Anne Frank pondered that: “Dead people receive more flowers than the
living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.” In this world we live in, life is too short to take people for granted, learn how to appreciate other people that they do not feel unimportant in this world.

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