Jana Legaspi: Blogger & Newly Converted Mental Health Advocate #TDAmbassadors

Meet Jana: a bubbly, outgoing, artistic, and passionate young lady. She is a blogger at her own website, janalegaspi.com. And while juggling all her school and co-curricular activities, she still manages to prioritize the importance of giving back to grassroots communities in the Philippines.
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A budding star in the blogging world, Jana has been featured in various media platforms such as When In Manila, Candy Magazine and Pangalan.Com among others. She has also been invited as a lifestyle speaker in schools like the University of the Philippines, Diliman.
Talang Dalisay is honored to have her as our very first mental health ambassador. Learn more about her and her passion for our advocacy below.

Please briefly introduce yourself and what you do. 
I am Jana Legaspi– 19 years old, and I am an AB Communications student from the Ateneo de Manila University. One of my advocacies is the #MoreFishNotPlastic campaign which is to make people aware about the hazardous effects of plastic pollution to our environment. It also encourages the general public to try lessen the waste that we accumulate. I love volunteering for environmental NGOs, coffee, the ocean, and I am passionate about traveling our country. 
How did you discover your passion for sharing stories online?
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a love for making scrapbooks. I would keep tickets, brochures, or any form of souvenir from certain places I’ve visited and I would combine it all there. I think my blog is just an online version of my scrapbook. 
How did you build yourself up as a blogger? What kept you going and building yourself up as a brand?
I really didn’t expect anything from my blog. It just started as a travel diary and a mini style book. I guess when you’re passionate about something, everything else follows through.
At first, I didn’t really want to label myself as a “blogger”, because for me, having a label would require you to meet certain expectations from an audience. I guess it really just fell through. When I noticed that people started to acknowledge my blog, that’s when I realized that it could grow into something more than just my scrapbook.  
I feel happy and fulfilled whenever I get emails from people I haven’t met, saying that my blog inspired them. I realized that through my blog, I can make a positive impact to my fellow youth. Aside from that, getting invites to events & media launches, meeting people from the industry, and getting first look on brands are also some additional perks. Hehe.
Did you encounter any difficulties in terms of body image, confidence, self love etc.? How did you overcome them?
Yes, I sure did. Social media is a very fast paced world. There was a time wherein I felt like I was chasing something that I could not keep up with. I felt like some certain expectation should be met. 
I overcame that phase by taking social media hiatuses, and focusing on what’s behind my screen. I call those breaks, my “reality check”. I remind myself that there is a whole world outside of social media, and not everything that we see online is genuine. 
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Why do you think it’s important to positively use the internet in terms of communicating with others? Why do you think some people do otherwise?
I think that we humans don’t realize is that all of us are capable of change. In my opinion, it’s important to use it to positively communicate because we may never know how we can positively impact an individual’s life. Our actions can either make or break someone’s day. 
Do you have any advice for young girls and boys who would like to become a blogger like you in the future? 
In the age of social media, it is easy to forget who you are. One advice would be to never forget what you stand for and stick to what makes you different. Never do it for anyone else, make sure to do it for yourself. Always blog passionately and genuinely.
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Lastly, why is mental health important for you?
Mental health is important for me because personally, I know what it feels like to be in the midst of the free fall. Our thoughts can be scary at times, and I think it is one of the things we tend to oversee. We don’t realize that it is just as important to take care of our mental health as much as to our physical health. 

For more inquiries on our ambassadorship, please email talangdalisay@gmail.com for inquiries etc. 

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