Approved Automatic PhilHealth Coverage for PWDs: A Genuine Touch of Love | By Jochelle Campo

It was last July 30, 2018, when the Senate accepted the Senate Bill No. 1391, which
amended Republic Act No. 7277 or the “Magna Carta for Disabled Persons” for providing the mandatory Philippine Health Insurance Corp or PhilHealth coverage to persons with disabilities (PWDs) that guarantees.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 6.50.39 PM

It was not long ago when the PWDs were pushing for this as the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) also stated that outpatient services should also be given to them since they are the ones who badly need it. Social protection in the Philippines is lacking according to a study made by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and from this
stance, it can be concluded that if statistics say this, then its worse for PWDs who are suffering every day physically and emotionally. Coping up with life day by day from a PWDs perspective is a desire for inclusivity that people would understand their needs and cater to their vulnerabilities. The ratified PhilHealth Coverage for the PWDs will attentively promote accessibility to their medical needs and empower them at the same time.

Senator Risa Hontiveros who was the author of the bill served as an angel in disguise as
she stated her point of view about the universal health care for all Filipinos she got in mind: “As we strive for universal health care, this measure will help ensure that no one will be left behind”. Inducing help for the PWDs corresponds with showing care for them wherein in this way, they feel loved and that not only their families care for them but the government itself.

The government should possess a sincere care for its people because it will influence its
people to become productive in society. This bill will surely lessen the depression that the PWDs would feel, in the world where some of them feel useless without any hope in their hearts because their maintenance medicines, doctor check – ups or appointments, therapy sessions and the like because they cannot afford it since some PWDs are living in poverty and they are not like those experienced people that are able to work for the expenses needed immediately.

Looking at this idea, the government should give attention more to the PWDs and delete the notion that they are not ideal citizens to promote an impact for the rise of our economics because they cannot work according to how a person not facing the problems a PWD can do. History can attest to the scenarios before wherein those people who are disabled are hidden away from the general population as it seems that they are making them feel cursed or penalized from being born that way. The government should not pessimistically look at it that way, the government should “make a disable individual able” since it’s the government’s job to provide, promote the general welfare and protect its citizens. These people should be brought with arms wide open into the society where jobs suited for them are given to them.

When a person has disabilities, people tend to forget unintentionally to overlook the
extreme potential for them to have a mental illness. These people surely have been dreaming to become normal individuals just like the rest of the people in a society but then some people insensitively makes fun of them or bullies them that make them feel more useless in this world. It is a common notion that bullying is not only socially isolating but also opens prejudices and discrimination that a person can bring throughout all his or her life existence.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 6.51.22 PM

Some people would also deprive and question them from getting the treatment they truly deserved that includes love and understanding that they should be getting more.

The bill clearly made the PWDs situation from being unrepresented and poorly treated to a step to improvement for progress. It can be considered as an aid for a person’s injured heart that promotes mobility. At the end of the day, all people with or without any disabilities deserve to be equally valued and respected because the value of it will build an inclusive society developed by the diversity that will surely benefit all the citizens.

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