Creative Outlets in Dealing with Stress | By Maureen Cambay

We all have different kinds of stresses in life, it may be school, work, relationships and many more. When the going gets tough, it may be harder for us to cope, that’s why we should find ways to have creative outlets to take a break from all the things we’ve been doing.

It was just recently that I forgot my love for dancing. I used to dance when I was younger but due to school and my adjustment to adulthood, I told myself that I’d leave dancing for good. But I thought of a better idea, why not do both? Why not revive my passion for dancing and at the same time, do my usual activities?


Reviving my passion does not mean a complete major change in lifestyle. It actually included baby steps. First, I watched Youtube vloggers especially Ranz and Niana enjoying their love for dancing. I realized that I could also dance in my free time! Simple aerobic exercise videos would do. Second, I listened to songs that I could dance to. It’s kind of funny because the hit, “Despacito” actually made my heart beat! And I also watched this video of my favorite hiphop sensation, Chachi Gonzales dance to “In My Feelings” by Drake. It just kept me diverted for a while.

After all, dancing has always been known to be beneficial to health. According to Alpert (2010) on a journal entitled “The Health Benefits of Dance”, it could increase flexibility, balance and spatial awareness and a general feeling of well-being. Not only that, as Dr. Lovatt mentioned in, “You appear to get a much bigger release of endorphins when you dance than during other forms of exercise; he added , “Dancing prompts an emotional release – often that’s uncomplicated happiness, while for some it can make them cry. It’s cathartic – a letting go of pent-up emotions.” 

My creative outlet is dancing, can you share what’s yours? What makes your heart excited? It could be your own unique way to deal with stress. 

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