Building Yourself Back Up After a Mental Breakdown | By Dani Antonio

Everyday, life throws challenges at us when we least expect it. It’s as if everyday, we’re riding an endless rollercoaster ride with all its abrupt loops, twists, and turns. Undoubtedly, our daily hurdles and impediments can result to a spectrum of emotions. As a 21st century high school student, I can definitely vouch for this. With the tsunami of workload given to us, mental breakdowns are very common within our generation. I can’t count the amount of times when my batch mates and I have cried (with hagulgol) due to all our academic stress, pressures, and frustrations, but with this, we must remember that after experiencing a breakdown, we must learn to build ourselves back up again.                                

Building yourself back up after a mental breakdown is not easy. It takes great perseverance and determination for one to bounce back after experiencing a rough patch in his or her life. From taking a nap to running a marathon, you could create your own rainbow after the rain.

Here is a “break down” of seven strategies you can use to build yourself back up after experiencing a mental breakdown:

1. Meditate

Meditation is a long-standing technique carried out by people all around the world to calm one’s nerves, find balance within one’s emotions, and attain one’s center and focus. In relation to mental breakdowns, meditation may be a sufficient and effective strategy for you to get back on track from any obstacles you may have faced.

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2. Do Something You Love to Do

Another way to move forward from any adversity is to do something you love to do. Everyone is different – we all have different passions, hobbies, and talents. Discover what you love to do, then use it as an outlet to release any stress or worries that you may have.

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3. Eat

One of the most common causes of mental breakdowns is fatigue and stress, meaning: you’re tired. Eating can definitely help you get back on track after a breakdown, as food gives you energy and can make you happy, but you must remember that stress-eating and over-eating can be damaging to your health.

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4. Allocate Time for Yourself

“Me Time” is very important for one’s self-care routine. After a mental breakdown, allocating time for yourself is one great way to reflect on what has happened and what needs to be done. In addition, you also have the opportunity to calm yourself down and relax your mind.

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5. Disconnect to Reconnect

With social media taking up most of our time, we forget that there is a world outside of our phones. After a breakdown, one simple action you can do is unplug from social media. Though social media can be a good platform for empowerment, this can also have great impacts on your mental health, with all of the set standards and expectations. Sometimes, you need to take a breather from your gadgets to take care of yourself.

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6. Exercise

Although most people don’t enjoy exercising, studies have revealed that this activity does not only positively affect one’s physical health, but also one’s mental health. When you exercise, your body releases hormones called endorphins. Endorphins trigger feelings of positivity throughout your body, which may help you renew and refresh yourself after a breakdown..

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7. Sleep

Sleep is definitely something we all need, but with all our commitments and activities, most of us don’t get any of it. As impossible as it may seem, you need to TRY to get at least eight hours of sleep. After having a breakdown, sleep will really help with your attentiveness, alertness, and your mental health overall.

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“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again”

– Buddha –

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