It’s 2019! Talang Dalisay’s 2018 Highlight Reel | By Margaret Lee

Happy happy new year! 2018 is finally over and it has definitely been a very great year for us at Talang Dalisay.

screen shot 2019-01-07 at 3.25.10 pm

Last year, we were able to get over 10+ partnerships with other non-profits, receive responses from over 200+ potential student ambassadors, and receive donations of over 30,000 pesos.

Aside from all those numbers, we were also able to open up new programs for people to take part in. New volunteer researchers for wave 2 emerged, as well as our new program for volunteer artists showcasing very critical mental health issues in a creative manner.

screen shot 2019-01-07 at 3.26.24 pm

We would also like to thank our old and new partnerships the UP Diliman PsychSoc, PAREF Woodrose School, and the Southeville International School for their never-ending support and invitations to us for helping spread more mental health awareness.


So what’s there to look forward to in 2019?

Well, the release of our official shirts will be out this January! All proceeds will go to our special needs scholar. If you would like to order, please visit our merchandise page. Keep your eyes peeled as well for our student ambassadors’ official shoot photos and videos, as they will be modeling our shirts. How exciting!

More than this, we will be faithfully following schedule for our monthly outreaches with our partner schools and communities. To stay up to date with that, please visit our Facebook page.

Lastly, we have a very exciting collaboration with DevSoc (formerly known as Developer’s Society) that is coming up very soon! We can’t wait for you to know all about it.

From the whole team and I, we wish you a very prosperous 2019! I personally had an extremely difficult 2018 so far. I encountered so many hurdles in and out of school. It’s very easy to get swayed and disheartened. But never let your current situation bring you down. Always stay vigilantly positive even at your lowest points. Like my teacher once told me, never quit just because it’s hard. True character is forged in fire. 

Again, thank you so much for your continuous support for Talang Dalisay and what this organization stands for. I am very excited to see it grow more in the future. We would not be anywhere without YOU. Thank you.

Love and light always, 

Margaret Lee

Founder & Executive

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