Note To Self | By Sakshi Sahijwani


It’s okay to not be okay. Its okay to be conflicted, and to not know what you truly want. It’s okay to be failing in school, to be gaining weight, to isolate yourself from your friends, and to wish that you can just go away for a bit.

You may be at this crossroad of feeling lost and confused, wondering where it all went wrong. How one day it was so good yet the next was terrible.

How one day you were over the moon, and now you don’t even have the energy to go out anymore. How the people who you would once call your family are the same people that you can’t even recognize anymore. Even if there are all these things going through your head, there’s a small voice telling you to push. Telling you that you can get through it, and that it will all pass. This small voice can be classified or interpreted as many things, but I’d like to think of it as God. I believe that God is watching the series of our lives unfold. That He’s the director of this show we call life.

He’s attached to all the characters on the show just waiting for the next episode, the next cliffhanger. That He’s seeing us in our victories, yet He’s also there for us in our struggles. Even though we try to push him away, He stays. He’s the one thing that truly remains constant in a world that’s vastly changing everyday. He has a plan. Now, we don’t exactly know what plans He has in store for us, but that’s the thrill of it all! We don’t know what we signed up for, but He is setting everything into motion. So for everyone out there, who is feeling lost, He’s got you.

I know it’s hard to keep on believing and trusting someone you can’t visually see, but He’s there. He’s right beside you, guiding you in the walk of life. He wouldn’t take you anywhere he knew you couldn’t handle, so believe in Him, and it will all be okay. Maybe not in a day or two, but eventually, it will pass. You are a work in progress, so trust the process.

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