It’s a new month, it’s the middle of 2019, some of us may know where we are going but some of us may be confused on where to steer our boats for the next few months of the year.

In line with this, the team would like to share a poem on the importance of embracing our struggles and pushing thru it all no matter what the circumstance.

We got this, Talang Dalisay family! We will resist thru it all.



By: Tonio Sison


What to write?
Will it be enough?
It’s looking like one of those days,
Where I don’t know what to say.
The page is empty,
It’s at a blank again,
My fingers are typing down random words,
At random times for the sake of the rhyme.
With this comes the temptation of erasing everything by pressing a button. Funny how it all is so simple…

What do I do now?
Am I doing enough?
For so long I was comfortable with expressing the way I feel,
Being vulnerable, opening up and living by the moment, that was my forte.
But right now its like I’m trapped inside of a cold, lonely and worn down cage with nothing I can use to escape.
These feelings are all over the place,
Confusion, guilt, and regret go from being cameos to a more recurring role.

Will it ever stop?
Is it enough?
My mind is running laps around the oval,
Circling over and over and over again.
With every kilometer that’s been recorded,
Another memory deleted…at least for now.
Suddenly there’s a shift that didn’t seem all strange.
A certain calmness,
Comforting yet a little bit alarming.
It’s a different set of lenses.
Clearer, brighter, and better.
I can see the most intricate of details down to the tiniest dust particles that needs to be vacuumed away.

Despite it all there still are the few that get away,
Astigmatism, nearsightedness and all the other genetic terms used, Are enough to make things resurface.
These temporary corrections were just band-aid solutions,
Only designed for the short-term but will not last for the long-run. Alas this new perspective became one I didn’t quite conform to. And just like that it all began to change.

Out with all with the questions and just embrace all the reflections. The page is different from before,
What started out as a blank became something filled with experience. I close my eyes and begin to think of the journey:

The pain I went through,
The problems I tried to ignore,
And all the times I felt I was bottling everything up and becoming a mask, hiding my own self.
Everything that has happened was necessary and became the push I needed.
I know I’m far from where I want to be,
But for now a deep breath and a little bit of time to write is enough.
It may not be perfect but that’s okay,
As long as I’m satisfied and fine with it,
It is enough.


About the author

An incoming college sophomore at UA&NP, Tonio Sison is passionate about poetry and his ability of expressing himself freely – sharing his journey in life through good times and adversity. You can view more of his poems at sisonpoems.blogspot.com! 

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