Editors in Chief – Karmella Patricia Tapia & Raine Rivas



“Mental health matters because good mental health acts as the cornerstone for other aspects of health. Why? Because before anyone can decide to work at self-improvement and wellness, they first have to view themselves as people worth improving. Taking care of mental health does not only pave the way to self-awareness and acceptance of ourselves as a whole, but also awareness and acceptance of others completely different from ourselves.

On a more personal note, I have seen up-close the very real effect that mental illness can have and continues to have on the people around me. I could not help some of my friends at the worst times of their conflict nor did I know how, and I regret that more than I can say. If I can help people going through that struggle now or prevent others from having to go through the same pain that they did, I gladly will try–whether it means improving other people’s understanding of mental health, or offering support to the people silently struggling with it themselves.”


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“Mental health matters to me because I believe that the day we erase the stigma around mental illness is the day we get closer to peace. Awareness is truly the best concrete step we can take towards getting there. It can teach us how to be not only accepting of those around us, but nurturing and selfless as well.”


Kirsten Tinoco


“Mental health is important to me because I feel that it is not given as much importance as physical health, even it is equally important- if not more. […]

It’s something I want to advocate because I know that some people might not be aware of the importance of mental health, and may not know that their problems are mental health-related, thus they are not seeking the help they need.”

Nicole Profeta


“Though oftentimes overlooked, mental health is actually a key aspect of overall well-being. A person can’t be considered healthy if it is only their physical condition taken into consideration. Also, mental health comprises much more than the popularly discussed clinical depression and schizophrenia, to name a few. Mental health issues also comprise learning disorders, which are relevant to students today; stress, which affects majority of young adults; and even self-care, which is a looked-down-upon practice which deserves more credit. I believe that mental health is important because there is no health without mental health, and because mental health is a relevant issue for everyone.”

Jochelle Campo


“When unexpected things come like falling rain in an unfortunate manner, sufferings in line with mental health become unendurable as the hidden cries are not actually heard. I personally have the heart for mental health as I also suffered depression before and now I want to help other people to cope up to it with grit.”

Therese Lombos


Mental health has been an essential, yet easily overlooked part of my life ever since childhood, and because of that I want to take part in making it a comfortable topic for anyone to speak about. It saddens me to see that despite the prevalence of mental health illnesses, mental health remains swept under the rug.  […] 

I consider my mind to be one of the most precious parts of my body, yet I am still in the process of learning how to care for it, as most people are. In the age of social media, wherein it is so easy to overlook self-care in search of superficial validation, I feel more inclined to remind people to look out for themselves. Not just their physical beings, but their mental state as well. Mental health remains important to me because the role it plays in wellness is just as vital as physical health, but it does not garner as much attention. The mind holds so much power, and caring for it ensures its optimization.”

Dani Antonio 


“Mental health is important to me because it is such a prevalent problem within our society today, yet people who go through this are afraid to speak out or open up about their struggles and experiences. As a member of this organization, I believe that instead of talking about those who experience mental health problems, it is better to be one with them by being there for guidance, offering love and support, and spreading awareness on mental health – just like what we do in Talang Dalisay.”

Sakshi Sahijwani


“Each year, approximately 156 million people experience a mental health condition, yet less than half will try and seek help. Through the essays I make, I hope that readers realize the importance of giving yourself the same care and attention that you give to your physical needs. More than that though, I hope that readers will find comfort, motivation and inspiration through the words I try and get across!”

Mary Joy Anne Viernes


“Mental health matters as it affects the various aspects of our lives including how we think, feel and relate to others. We all have our own journeys which we undertake at different paces. There’s no doubt that life is tough and there are those instances which can negatively impact our health. I have witnessed some of my friends suffer from mental illnesses and it did not help that I placed all the blame on myself for not knowing what to do or how to reach out. It was then that I realized that this is a reality many of us face but going through it doesn’t make one any less of a person. From this, it is important for us to first accept this reality before we will be able to truly understand and support one another. ❤

Hannah Tuballa


“We constantly underestimate the power of the mind – its control and its influence, all in all, driving us to do the ordinary and the extraordinary every day. Despite this, it’s become all too easy for us to disregard the importance of mental health. Getting help has become a struggle. I hope that through this platform, many get empowered to seek help and speak up, and help create a safe space for conversation.”

Giulia Martinez


“Mental health is a crucial part of one’s being. With that in mind, it is alarming to know that it is part of what a large number of people compromise in their personal lives because it is not seen as a priority. I stand for the care of one’s health and the fact of the matter is this—it SHOULD be made a priority.”