How It All Began

I started Talang Dalisay with one sole purpose: creating awareness for one of the most important people in my life who is my brother. My brother, my only sibling, has autism. He is a smart, kind, funny, and an adventurous person. As great as he is, I still had hard times with him just like any other pair of siblings would. I had a really tough time understanding him and his eccentricities. After a few years, I finally understood where he was coming from. These actions were his coping mechanisms. People with autism can’t control themselves in what they do. At the same time, they never intend to do anything bad. The only thing they want from other people is to be understood. On the contrary, not much people really gave that respect that they wanted, and most especially deserve. This definitely applies for my brother.

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If I can recall any specific experience with my him throughout my life that really made an impact on me, it would definitely be the countless instances wherein he had public tantrums. The only thing that would retain in my mind from those moments were people’s expressions of extreme judgement and disrespect. It frustrated me, to say the least, that people couldn’t understand him. I along with my parents encountered people that would ask, “what is autism anyway?”.

This sparked up an idea, a drive inside of me, to create awareness for people like my brother. I proposed this idea to some family and friends, and then decided to make a project that would cater to a much wider scale that helped more people, not only those with autism. This was mental health, and that is how my advocacy came to be. Hence, Talang Dalisay was born. From small day to day experiences with my brother to this organization being born, I am eternally thankful that Talang Dalisay became a reality.

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